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Communication Solutions

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General Portuguese Courses

Group Courses (max. 8 students)

3 lessons/day

Group Courses are organised in modules of 4 weeks. Every month Groups start at all levels (from Beginner to Advanced). Courses are progressive from the starting dates, but apart from absolute beginners who must begin on the starting dates, students can join a group at any time if vacancies exist at the suitable level. Groups have a maximum of 8 participants so that monitoring and assessment are continuous and personalised.

Group + Workshop Courses (max. 8 students)

5 lessons/day

In this programme, students join the General Portuguese Groups in the morning in the designated starting dates.

In the afternoon there will be 2 lessons per day, with different topics. These topics will range from Conversation, Vocabulary drills, Grammar practice, Presentations, Role Playing to other activities the students choose in the class.

Individual and Private Group Courses

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 lessons/week. 1 student or 2+ students who book the course together.

These courses are organised according to the students' specific requests and time availability and may include different professional and cultural themes if requested. The topics of the Portuguese for Special Purposes courses can also be included.

Students are welcome to bring any kind of documentation they may need to work on.

Combined Courses

Group, 3 lessons/day (morning) + Individual 1, 2, or 3 lessons/day (afternoon).

Ideal solution for those who want to work further improving oral skills, review the work done in the morning lessons or work in a specific professional field.

It is also possible to combine Group Course + Private Group.

Easter, Summer and Christmas Courses (max. 12 students)

Group Course 3 lessons/day for 2 weeks.

Beginner (I) and Pre-Intermediate (III) Levels.

Courses that coincide with school breaks, focused on oral communication skills, with intensive practice.

Portuguese for Special Purposes

Individual Lessons or Private Groups.

These courses aim at providing students with a further spoken and written language practice while exploring a specific field.


  • Banking
  • Business Portuguese
  • Computer Science
  • Hotel Industry
  • Insurance
  • Interpreting
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Translation

Brazilian and African Portuguese

Individual Lessons or Private Groups

Available for starting at any date for chosen length of course.

Specific materials and experienced teachers of Brazilian and African origin or background.

Students will not only learn the characteristics of the chosen variant, but will also get information on the specific social and economical traits of that country.

Portuguese & Surf

ondasCIAL is very happy to announce the partnership with ONDAS D'AVENTURA to bring you an exciting new offer in our school in Lisbon.

This programme combines the General Portuguese course of 15 lessons per week with Surf lessons in the afternoon on beaches around Lisbon.

In the days without surf lessons the students are welcome to join the social activities organized by the school.

Transportation and equipment are included.

Students are driven to and from the beach, in an activity that takes around 2,5h.

Surf lessons depend on weather and sea conditions, so lessons are scheduled locally.

Portuguese & Volunteering

entreajudaCial is very happy to start offering a new program that allows our students to enrich their stay at our school with volunteer work.

For this, CIAL has established a partnership with ENTRAJUDA.

“ENTRAJUDA is a non-profit Welfare Institution set up in 2004, built to respond to several needs perceived within other social welfare institutions, by providing a number of management and organization instruments and resources. Also to establish a bridge between those who wish to give and those who need to receive, allowing the creation of a true chain of solidarity, in which each individual is an essential link.”

The programme will include the General Language Course in the mornings and the number of hours the student wishes to dedicate to the volunteering project in the afternoon and/or weekends.

ENTRAJUDA will help us find projects in the preferred area of the students, should it be working with children, elderly people, community centres or helping out at the Banco Alimentar.

Programmes will last a minimum of 4 weeks, and language ability requirements will depend on the hosting institution.

“According to the authors of the book How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas Volunteering abroad can be one of the most educational, inspiring, and exciting things you do in your life. Despite all the challenges, most volunteers we spoke with said that, given the opportunity, they would do it again. Living and working in another culture while donating your time and energy to do a worthwhile cause has great rewards and may enrich your life long after you return home.”

Teachers' Training Course

Ensino de Português Língua Estrangeira (EPLE)

Course designed for native and non-native teachers of Portuguese as a Foreign Language in public or private institutions in or outside Portugal.Organised four times a year, 6 lessons/day for 2 weeks.

CIAL may organise a course on any date for a minimum of 4 students booking together.

Diplomas, Certificates and Exams

CIAL Certificates

CIAL has developed its own examination scheme and CIAL's Attendance and Completion Certificates are widely known and recognised.

Attendance Certificate At all levels and courses

Completion Certificate At all levels after written Test grading 75% or plus

Official Certificates for Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLE)

Students can be prepared for the:

Exams for CAPLE Certificates and Diplomas (Lisbon University)

Exams in May, July and November

CIAL can enrol students for these exams at an extra fee

Exams for CILP Certificate (Universidade Caxias do Sul, Brazil)

Exams are taken at the school with Brazilian teachers, at any time.

Association of Language Testers in Europe
ELEMENTARY I Beginner A1 ALTE Breakthrough
II Elementary A2 ALTE 1
INTERMÉDATE III Pre-Intermediate B1 ALTE 2
IV Intermediate B2 ALTE 3
ADVANCED V Pre-Advanced C1 ALTE 4
VI Advanced C2 ALTE 5

The General Portuguese course consists of 6 grades of 60 lessons each.

1 lesson = 50 minutes